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Merlin Technologies

Merlin empowers organizations to establish consistent, effective practices that impact the bottom line:

  • Better hiring results and improved productivity through an integrated, efficient process
  • Simplification and cost reduction through fewer vendor implementations, contracts and databases

Merlin Technologies was established on the belief that there is an unprecedented opportunity to create a new company that thrives on delivering talent acquisition solutions of indispensable value for its clients.

The driving force in organizations’ quest for competitive advantage is the need for talent—a need that never diminishes. Now more than ever, it is imperative to have a calculated talent acquisition strategy and the ability to execute that strategy. The destiny of every organization is determined by the people it recruits, develops and retains.

Today’s employer deals with far too many vendors in the pre-employment process. As a result, fragmented and inefficient methods drive up costs and multiply complexities.

Merlin Technologies solves this problem by streamlining pre-employment with one-stop shopping.